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Muv-Luv Alternative
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Muv-Luv Alternative (2021)

AnimationAction & AdventureSci-Fi & FantasyTV-MA

A story of the bonds between those who fight, in a world pushed to its limits. On one of the countless parallel worlds that exist throughout spacetime, humanity has fought a decades long war against the BETA, hostile extraterrestrial invaders, using humanoid fighting machines called Tactical Surface Fighters. This is a story of how humanity lives and dies while on the brink of extinction...

Koichi Kamiki

Koichi Kamiki

Takeru Shirogane (voice)
Karin Nanami

Karin Nanami

Meiya Mitsurugi (voice)
Tomori Kusunoki

Tomori Kusunoki

Sumika Kagami (voice)
Miku Ito

Miku Ito

Chizuru Sakaki (voice)
Iori Saeki

Iori Saeki

Kei Ayamine (voice)
Takako Tanaka

Takako Tanaka

Miki Tamase (voice)


Mikoto Yoroi (voice)
Ruriko Aoki

Ruriko Aoki

Yuuko Kouzuki (voice)
Sayumi Watabe

Sayumi Watabe

Marimo Jinguuji (voice)
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Muv-Luv Alternative11

1 - The State of the World

On April 19th, 1973, a race of extra-terrestrial lifeforms launched a landing unit from the moon, which touched down on Earth, in central Asia. Ever since, mankind has been engaged in a losing war against this alien species, known as the BETA, as they have gradually expanded outwards across the globe. After 20 years of non-stop fighting, the war has reached the shores of Japan...

Muv-Luv Alternative12

2 - Recurring Worlds

Shirogane Takeru found himself inexplicably transported to a world that resembled his own in many ways, with one major difference: For nearly 30 years, mankind has been at war with the alien BETA, who have succeeded at wiping out over half of humanity and had nearly captured the entire Eurasian continent. As Takeru tried to come to grips with this bizarre new reality, he realized too late that the majority of humanity will be abandoned with the Earth, as the chosen few escape to the stars, hoping to find sanctuary. Now, equally inexplicable reasons, he finds himself returned to the first day of his time in this alternate world. Will the experiences and knowledge he has gained allow him to make a difference?

Muv-Luv Alternative13

3 - Something to Protect

As Takeru starts to feel anxious about whether or not he can actually make a difference, Professor Kouzuki demands more concrete evidence of his knowledge about future events.

Muv-Luv Alternative14

4 - Comrades

Takerus efforts to change the future are starting to have an effect, as the 207ths Tactical Surface Fighters show up earlier than in the previous timeline. And if an idea hes cooking up works, it might make them even more effective weapons against the BETA.

Muv-Luv Alternative15

5 - A New Power

Takeru and Professor Kouzuki have collaborated to create a new operating system for the 207ths Tactical Surface Fighters, making the anti-BETA weapons more maneuverable and responsive than ever. But will it even matter if Yuuko cant actually make some progress on the mysterious Alternative IV plan?

Muv-Luv Alternative16

6 - Transfer Experiment

In order to help Professor Kouzuki fulfil her plans for Alternative IV, Takeru partakes in an experiment designed to send him back to his home world.

Muv-Luv Alternative17

7 - Promise

Takerus trip back to his original world concludes after an encounter with his childhood friend, Sumika. After his return, he learns about the enigmatic Yashiro Kasumis mysterious past.

Muv-Luv Alternative18

8 - The Capital in Chaos

An insurrection threatens to ignite a full-scale civil war in Japan, and the 207th Tactical Armored Flight finds their first combat mission might be against other humans, instead of the invading BETA aliens.

Muv-Luv Alternative19

9 - Battlefield

Takeru and his training squad head out to assist the UN and Japanese forces in dealing with a coup détat, but they find themselves dealing with what might be the most vital mission in the entire conflict.

Muv-Luv Alternative110

10 - Resolve

As Takeru and the 207th Training Flight escort the Shogun across Japan, Professor Yuukos personal task force fights a desperate battle to keep the rebels off their tails.

Muv-Luv Alternative111

11 - Everyone's Thoughts

The Shogun and her escorts have been surrounded by the rebels, who have offered them a 60 minute ceasefire in the hopes of a peaceful resolution. Can Takeru, the 207th Training Flight, the Royal Guard, and the US Army find a way past them to return to Yokohama Base?

Muv-Luv Alternative112

12 - Fate

Negotiations have fallen apart, as the rebels renew their attacks on the assembled UN-US-Royal Guard forces. Will the 207th Training Flight make it back to Yokohama Base alive? And will Takeru be able to save the world by helping Alternative IV become a reality?

Muv-Luv Alternative113

13 - Graduation

Takeru visits the peaceful world he originally came from to recover the research necessary for Alternative IV to be a success. Upon his return to the war-torn world ravaged by the BETA, he discovers a surprise that brings him one step closer to victory... and danger.

Muv-Luv Alternative114

14 - XM3

A new set of trials testing the combat readiness of Takerus XM3 operating system takes a turn for the dangerous.

Muv-Luv Alternative115

15 - Escape

After a soul-shaking brush with tragedy, Takeru decides to return to his home world.

Muv-Luv Alternative116

16 - Diary

With it now obvious that hes having unexpected effects on his peaceful home world, Takeru has to make a tough decision.